Zach LaVine Is PISSED At The Chicago Bulls, Talks About Bulls 1-3 Start | Chicago Bulls News!

Zach LaVine Is PISSED At The Chicago Bulls, Talks About Bulls 1-3 Start | Chicago Bulls News!


  1. I believe the Coach has not used the roster in allowing Lauri and Zack to develop in to stars furthermore he isnt using the roster to its strengths nor does he use Gafford ,which dosen't make sense.

  2. As Well as Gafford had Showed Up out during Summer Leaque and during the Pre Season then why wouldn't the Coach want to play a guy that many of the Bulls Fans were expecting to see get some Playing time ! I said it from the beginning that it would be a disservice not to play Gafford and Wendall together ! The Starting Line Up should be : 1.Coby White, 2. Zach Lavine, 3. Lauri Markhannen, 4. Daniel Gafford, 5. Wendall Carter Jr. I also would like to see a combination of Coby White and Kriss Dunn starting off playing games together and learning from eachother running the floor together while they still have a chance to do so !

  3. He should be mad. But he should be mad at his self as well. He suppose 2 be one of the leaders but he's also playing b.s ball. 3 assist? Really. They all need 2 fn pass the dam ball and stop the one on one ball and Seriously STOP shooting all these THREES like you guys are 2017 warriors. Just be the worst and get #1 pick cause you guys are garbage

  4. Because got dammit Gar Forman and John Paxson has to get the fuck out of there. Appoint Scottie Pipen to the GM slot and hire Mark Jackson as the head coach then niggas would come play for Chicago and help Zac out.

  5. He should be pissed, I’m pissed off. Satoransky and Otto Porter have contributed very little thus far. I hope Boylen will tweak the lineup

  6. Zach has made some bad decisions down the stretch that has cost us late in games and our perimeter defense is abysmal, anybody can Chuck up 3s against us and in today's NBA that worries TF outta me

  7. UNACCEPTABLE!! no reason we shouldnt be 3-1
    they are better than the teams they lost against. period! blown leads, bad defensive laps in crunch time!
    and we paying otto all this money to average 7ppg ? he has to step up

    we are making SAME MISTAKES as last year. not being able to close.

  8. That was all about the coach not making the defensive adjustments… Gafford needs to play on the defensive end and set nasty picks for the shooters because everyone on the floor isn’t supposed to score and be glamorized that’s not realistic but doin the little things to win are

  9. I agree with Zach we should be 3 and 1 right now but we have moments in the game where we don't play defense that definitely has to change if we are going to be a playoff team.

  10. That’s right, he should be fucking pissed… At some of his teammates, but also himself… He’s missing a lot of easy shots, but the referees are also not calling fouls when they need to be called… lauri Markkanen should also be playing better than this… We all expected him to be shooting about 40% from the three-point line… Also attacking the rim, improving his post game and shooting percentage inside the three-point range… They don’t seem to make up their minds about whether they should be aggressive, or passing it off to their teammates… I understand you want to get everyone involved… But if they’re not shooting well, then you have to take it upon yourself, to motivate the team, playing with confidence and aggression… Play with anger, and Parents, as if every game matters…every game matters… Cheat every game like a playoff game… Offense and especially defense… It’s so frustrating because the talent is there, they just don’t seem to put it together all at the same time. But I still believe in these guys, and I believe they have playoff caliber talent…Switch the lineup every now and then… Start Coby white, Dunn may never be a great three-point shooter so get him to play with aggression, attacking the rim and dishing it off the teammates… As well as creating your own shots… Other players on the team need to be more aggressive as well… I still believe in them, and I know they can develop into a very successful team if they keep focused and play with confidence and aggression.

  11. I mean what can you do when the organization wants you to only shoot 3's and layups when clearly were not that kind of team and our so called vets Thad,Otto,Sato are playing terrible ball it's all messed up right now and if we don't get a grip we're going to slip

  12. He is right.. they don't know how to close games out yet.. this is why you need older veterans on your team.. now adays the whole roster is under 30 years of age… lmao

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