Zach LaVine Trade To Lakers – Leaving Bulls

In today’s Latest Hoops video we’ll be discussing the recent rumors of LaVine heading to the Lakers. Will it happen? If so how would it work? Find out in this …



  1. Although my brother would love this addition to his Lakers team; Lavine however is the best player on the Bulls they are keeping him like Allen Robinson with the Bears even if it's a one year contract

  2. I think the lakers would not trade for Zach Lavine coz' the LA don't need another shooting guard in their roaster coz they have a lot of dhooting guards there. The lakers needs a legit center for now.

  3. Stop with the stupid click baits. Lakers aren't trading for Zach Lavine. They have a better chance of trading for Zach Morris of Bayside High.

  4. coming from a bulls fan this video is so stupid the trade you proposed we would never take lol. this trade makes no sense for the direction we are going. keep dreaming. LeBron can't beat Brooklyn and you are clearly sad about it cuz you tried to downplay the nets. they are the champs this year

  5. I’d say trade Kuzma, KCP , Gasol and a first and second rounder.
    Kuzma in the right setting could be a 25+pt player.
    The Lakers then pickup Cousins, Dedmon Korver.
    Then trade Harrell and THT for Riddick and Ball.
    Starters. AD DC LBJ ZL DS

  6. I would really love seeing LaVine on the LA Lakers because he got all star potential and is just fun to watch and would definetly improve the Lakers roster but I would not trade Schroeder away, because he just brings a quickness to the team not every team has. Because of that a creates unique offensive scenarios on the court and he also is a good defensive player. I would rather trade matthews and tucker for example. My thought on the subject. Now pls give me the ps5 😁

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