Zach Lavine will be a STAR for the Chicago Bulls!

One of the shallowest positions in the entire NBA is the shooting guard position. There simply aren’t that many guys in the mould of Gilbert Arenas, Dwayne …



  1. Dude won’t even stay healthy callin it. Won’t play full season. Worth about just as much as Griffin. Ain’t shit if you can’t stay healthy

  2. I was thrilled about Lavine and I believe he WILL be better than Butler in a year or two..Right now he's trying to establish himself as a team leader and NBA star..He's actually playing defense pretty well so that's also encouraging..He can be a guy who leads the league in scoring but with so much talent..he won't have to.

  3. If you look at this young as they are, they are loaded with talent..Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, Lauri Markkanen, Jabari Parker and Bobby Portis coming on strong with Valentine also playing better..My only concern is the defense and backup PG position..I hope that Payne can be the guy they hoped to be otherwise I'd like to see Ryan Arcidiocono play..IF he shoots the damn ball..not sure why he doesn't because he is a very good shooter, defender and passer.

  4. "His contract isnt bad, because I found this 1 contract that is worse."
    This isnt how that works. You could dig up 100 contracts that are worse and LaVines contract would still be bad. His advanced stats are terrible. He is unproven and they didnt even know if he can get back to 100%. Did they have to match the offer? Probably. Does it make it a good contract? No. Its a bad contract. If he somehow comes back better from that injury it might become a decent contract but he would have to get so much better to make it good that it would be delusional to expect that.

  5. I would love to say that we finally have some sort of foundation to build on. I'd also like to say that a few more decisions made like these will make for a good squad down the road. But, you know….GarPax. Either one or both of them have a fetish for torn ACL's. Remember what watching the Bulls after Rose came back. He would run around a pick and every time he started to gather, I would hold my breath. I love to see that Parker has come home, and I hope he can develop into a leader that we need. For the first time in forever, I can say the Bulls (even if by default) won a trade. I might let my guard down a bit if we don't have any problems between the beginning of the season to the All-Star game. Until then, holding my breath.

  6. Killed it for me instantly by having the audacity to mention Gilbert Arenas (who was technically a scoring POINT GUARD) amongst the 3 greatest to ever play the SG position 😂😂😂😂😂 stop

  7. I would have said definitely this year,but Jabari commands the ball to much and will take alot of touches and with Lauri there ,it's going to be hard.

  8. I believe Lavine can average around 21 points, 3.5 assists, and 4.5 rebounds this season on low to decent efficiency.

    But in his prime I can see him putting up around 25-26 points.

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