Zach LaVine wins game for Bulls with a clutch steal and dunk | ESPN

Zach LaVine comes up big in the clutch yet again for the Chicago Bulls, this time by stealing the inbound pass and going coast-to-coast for the game-winning …



  1. Thats what stars do. Him dunn and Markkanen gonna be nice next year with a better bench and a top pick in this years draft. Bulls gonna be contenders real soon.

  2. 0:14 Have white people ever successfully completed a high five? Even when they make contact, it's usually a disaster (see Jeremy Corbyn).

  3. A beast lavine u are u markannen Dunn 3 amigos who need a 4th DeAundre Ayton. Or Marvin Bagley please draft Bulls or Michael Porter Jr. If good combine

  4. The new β€œVince Carter” going to be a very good player and exciting with his athleticism. I’m excited to see him get better as he’s more healthy.

  5. Timberwolves made a big mistake last season. Should have kept Lavine and traded Andrew Wiggins instead. Now they are stuck with a low IQ, inefficient, one dimensional Kobe clone … except Wiggins is a nice guy unlike Kobe.

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