*ZION AUTOGRAPH!!! INSANE BREAK!* 7 Box Basketball Mixer – Chronicles, Illusions, Revolution, & More

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  1. The Zion Auto is 🔥 🔥 🔥….That feeling is why we hunt and rip packs. I love the reaction. Another quality video! How can I get in on one of these breaks?!

  2. I got the Nets/Kings and here is all the cards I got along with the time stamps. BTW he said he would ship the 3 base I included, and the only Kings card I got was the Bagley.
    Illusions 19-20
    15:59 (Kings) Marvin Bagley III Base
    19:13 Kyrie Irving Base
    Revolution 19-20
    24:40 Nicholas Claxton Rookie Base
    25:03 Kevin Durant Base
    Optic Dunruss 19-20
    32:28 Kyrie Irving Splash
    32:54 Kyrie Irving Express Lane Holo
    33:56 Kevin Durant Pink
    35:07 Kyrie Irving Pink
    Chronicles 19-20
    51:54 Kyrie Irving Prizm Update

  3. I got a prizm silver emergent zion I want rid of it only sells for a couple bucks I’m guessing and he’s a bust to me. Your interested let me know

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